weServe is an idea whose time has come. What a great way to connect people who want to serve with the groups who need help.
— Kathe King, Rolling Plains

Volunteers Needed

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Needs

Board of Trustees

Heartbeats Muskingum Valley [See all]

Professionals on the Board - We are always looking for area professionals to serve on our Board of Trustees.

Open Store Days

Lifewell Furniture Bank [See all]

We serve families every 2nd and 4th Saturday from 9-12 at the old Weller Pottery Building on t he corner of Woodlawn and Pierce.

Various Holiday's

The Lifewell @ W. Main [See all]

Come entertain / direct the children on special events or holidays. Help create a special program. Our kids love to have guests!

Store Operation

Operation Spirit, Inc [See all]

We need volunteers to help with sorting, tagging and stocking merchandise.

Neighborhood Picnic

Bethel Mission Inc. [See all]

During the summer months, Bethel hosts a Saturday afternoon picnic for the lower Putnam neighborhood. These picnics are to establish relationships with the neighborhood and connect with the children through games and fun

Scholarship Folder Stuffing

Scholarship Central [See all]

Help assemble our Scholarship folders. You can come in for one or two hours at a time; make arrangements with Scholarship Central staff so materials can be ready for you to assemble.

Pet Visits

Sterling Transitional Suites (Zandex) [See all]

Volunteers are needed to offer pet visits with your favorite furry friend! Spending time with a lovable dog or adorable cat is not only entertaining, but it can be very relaxing and therapeutic for some patients. We would love to schedule your pet visit periodically, monthly, or whatever fits your schedule. Visiting pets must have ...

Meal Preparation

The Lifewell @ W. Main [See all]

We need someone to prepare meals for 10-30 youth 1-4 nights / week.

How does this work?

Volunteers can be members of Groups who donate time to Agencies

If you'd like to help your community but you don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. weServe connects volunteers to the Agencies who need them. Create an account to quickly build your personalized Volunteer Dashboard. Just fill out some information about your skills and interests, and we'll show you the needs of agencies across Southeastern Ohio who are looking for people like you.

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Do you represent a group of volunteers? Use weServe to browse through local volunteer opportunities, and find events that are age- and skill-appropriate for your group. If your organization would like to increase its volunteer hours, weServe offers monitoring tools that allow you to track your time and set goals for your organization.

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Our goal at weServe is to become a hub for volunteers to connect with the agencies who need them. If you are a non-profit agency in need of volunteers, weServe offers you an audience with committed and willing volunteers across Southeastern Ohio. Many agencies have already committed to taking advantage of our new service.

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