weServe is an idea whose time has come. What a great way to connect people who want to serve with the groups who need help.
— Kathe King, Rolling Plains

Volunteers Needed

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Needs

Disaster Services Human Resources (DSHR) Administrator Volunteer

American Red Cross Muskingum Valley Chapter [See all]

Disaster Services Human Resources (DSHR) Administrator Volunteer

Foster Grandparent Volunteer

The Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development (COAD) [See all]

COAD Foster Grandparent Volunteers are assigned 2 to 5 children or youth that they will work with as mentors and tutors on a weekly basis. They help children read, tutoring them so they succeed in school. They work with troubled teens to help them gain confidence and to develop life skills. They work in pre-elementary ...


Heartbeats Muskingum Valley [See all]

Cleaning - Helping with the general upkeep of our office.

Youth Volunteer

Avondale Youth Center [See all]

Volunteers could come in one Tuesday a month and do a craft with our youth and visit. An individual or a group can come in and do a craft and provide a snack for that day. The kids really seemed to enjoy this and the time frame was usually 6:00 pm to 7:30 ...

Contact Agencies

weServe SEO [See all]

Help us to contact agencies, raise awareness of our service, and encourage their participation.

Donation Pick-up

Lifewell Furniture Bank [See all]

We are in need of volunteers to assist with weekly pickups. 2-3 individuals are needed.

Project Assistant

Muskingum Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America [See all]

Assist with projects at camp; painting, cleaning, mowing, maintenance.

Store Operation

Operation Spirit, Inc [See all]

We need volunteers to help with sorting, tagging and stocking merchandise.

How does this work?

Volunteers can be members of Groups who donate time to Agencies

If you'd like to help your community but you don't know where to start, you've come to the right place. weServe connects volunteers to the Agencies who need them. Create an account to quickly build your personalized Volunteer Dashboard. Just fill out some information about your skills and interests, and we'll show you the needs of agencies across Southeastern Ohio who are looking for people like you.

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Do you represent a group of volunteers? Use weServe to browse through local volunteer opportunities, and find events that are age- and skill-appropriate for your group. If your organization would like to increase its volunteer hours, weServe offers monitoring tools that allow you to track your time and set goals for your organization.

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Our goal at weServe is to become a hub for volunteers to connect with the agencies who need them. If you are a non-profit agency in need of volunteers, weServe offers you an audience with committed and willing volunteers across Southeastern Ohio. Many agencies have already committed to taking advantage of our new service.

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