weServe is an idea whose time has come. What a great way to connect people who want to serve with the groups who need help.
— Kathe King, Rolling Plains

Volunteers Needed

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Needs

Blood Mobile Worker

American Red Cross Muskingum Valley Chapter [See all]

Volunteers greet and register blood donors

Evening Receptionist

Sterling Transitional Suites (Zandex) [See all]

Sterling Suites is looking for a dynamic person to answer phones and greet the public at our 50 bed rehab center. Candidate must have good customer service skills and like to work with people. We are open to any hours on any days, but are particularly in need of coverge from 5-7pm. Interested persons should ...

Computer Tech Support

ForeverDads [See all]

Trained & experienced individual to come in once a month or on call as requested & keep computers cleaned & up to date. Proof of experience and/or training needed.

Work with Women

Heartbeats Muskingum Valley [See all]

Working with the women - Women can train to become client consultants. Working with the women who visit the Heartbeat Pregnancy Center requires training, but is absolutely needed!

Seasonal changes

Heartbeats Muskingum Valley [See all]

Seasonal changes - Changing the baby clothes in our office due to the season.

Truck Driver

The Lifewell @ W. Main [See all]

Pick up food at the Stewart Glapatt dock in Putnam one Tuesday morning per month from 8-9:30. (Pick up truck needed.)

Pet Visits

Sterling Transitional Suites (Zandex) [See all]

Volunteers are needed to offer pet visits with your favorite furry friend! Spending time with a lovable dog or adorable cat is not only entertaining, but it can be very relaxing and therapeutic for some patients. We would love to schedule your pet visit periodically, monthly, or whatever fits your schedule. Visiting pets must have ...

Coaching Parents

ForeverDads [See all]

We need a couple whether they are married to each other or two couples that would work as a team to facilitate a program aimed at families who are connected by the birth of a child, not by the bonds of matrimony. We would provide the curriculum, training materials, marketing, delivery location, etc. - we just ...

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